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Zili Copper is a group management center established in 10th 2008 by Yebiao, the Chairman of the Board, based on numerous Subsidiaries. Located alongside the beautiful and fertile Fuchun River on the 11th floor of symbolic International Trading center office building, Zili copper integrates with science, manufacture and trade, as a head quarter office of Fuyang Shenneng Solid Waste Recycling Co., Ltd., Lanxi Zili Copper Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Zili Resources Recycling Co., Ltd, Guangdong Kechi Solid Waste Recycling Co., Ltd and a nationally covering marketing system. Zili Copper is a diversified collectivized operation enterprise mainly engage in non-ferrous metal waste recycling and comprehensive utilization, at the meantime in investment of real state industry and mine industry. Total staff now reaches to about 2000 persons, with an investment around 1 billion RMB, an total assets of about 1 billion RMB. In 2009, Group realized an actual sales revenue of 7.3 billion RMB with tax contribution of 0.281 billion RMB. Group owned companies all develop in fast and stead steps. 2009 is a productive year for all the subsidiaries. Fuyang Shenneng Solid Waste Recycling Co., Ltd was award as 2009 Hangzhou Top 100 Enterprises and 2008 Fuyang Top 10 Exploit Enterprises and passed ISO9000 and ISO14000 certificate. Lanxi Zili copper Co., Ltd was awarded with 2009 Top 500 China Manufacturer and 2009 Zhejiang Top 100 Enterprise and 2009 Top 100 manufacturer. Jiangxi Zili Resource Recycling Co., Ltd covering 800 acres will be in operation in 2010.

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